Friday, September 10, 2010


As a novelist on a quest for publication, it seems almost obligatory to have a blog these days.  Everyone wants to know about platform, name recognition, etc.  And I'm willing to do that, so here I am. 

Just kidding.

In fact, if the above were my only reasons for starting this blog, it would quickly fall apart and do nothing to help my career as a writer.  Yes, I would love for this blog to provide me with an online presence and all of that, but at the end of the day, a blog about nothing but editing and seeking an agent would be boring as all get out.

Instead, I hope to share not only my love of writing and the creative process, but also a bit about my other interests.  Thankfully, these things tie together.  I have always been passionate about figure skating and horses, and my current projects reflect this. 

Horsing Around, a novel set in Southern California, is a YA drama centering around several junior riders who are attempting to qualify for the Maclay Medal.  A story of friends, rivals, and romance, it is currently in the final editing stage.  My hope is to begin seeking agents for this title early next year.

On Thin Ice, a New Adult romance, is the story of a figure skater who skates with, and pretends to date, her ex-boyfriend for publicity reasons.  When a handsome Russian skater enters her life, she begins to question what she is sacrificing for the dream of becoming an Olympic Champion.   This novel is still in need of serious editing, especially since I am in the process of converting it from third person to first.

I am also the Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in South Orange County, California.  This November, I will be joining thousands of other writers on a thirty day journey to 50,000 words.  Having completed this task three times before (and twice as Municipal Liaison), I plan on using this year's NaNo to write the sequel to On Thin Ice.

Add into that being a newlywed, house hunting, and learning to cook, and I have quite the full plate.  Oh well, hilarity is bound to ensue when I try to keep everything together.  Thank you for being along for the ride.

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